There are a few options to get from Warsaw to Lublin without a vehicle, including train (expensive) and bus (uncomfortable).

The cost and timing of the train and bus just didn’t work out, and we figured driving would be the fastest. So we decided on Bla Bla Car, a popular ride sharing service that connects drivers with people looking for a ride:

Bla Bla Car

Members must register and create a personal online profile, which includes ratings and reviews, social network verification, and rate of response. Profiles of members show how much experience they have of the service and each user’s profile includes a “BlaBla” measurement, which indicates how much they are willing to chat during a trip. Vancouver’s equivalent, HitchPlanet, was launched last year and its users and reach is still growing.

As for the wide highways and roads I am used to in North America, this is not the experience in Eastern Europe. The bumpy and narrow two-lane roads we took included frequent passing and 150 + kilometers per hour speeds. After 3 hours of interesting conversation we quickly and safely arrived in our destination.