I will be doing a multi-part travel series here on the blog, since I just got back from a two-month trip around Eastern Europe, visiting Poland and Romania.

To keep with the theme of the blog, I’ll be focusing on cool transportation experiences I had. Otherwise, I could get distracted and spend a few posts talking about how great the food is. First up is Warsaw, Poland!

Since we were only visiting Warsaw for one night, we decided to get one-day transit pass. The cost for each pass was 26zł, which is about 8.80 CND. For the high quality frequent and extensive transit service it was very affordable. The city is well covered by two subway lines, and tram and bus lines with multiple routes on each line. As newcomers, we would have been very confused by this transit system if it weren’t for their well-designed transit map.

ZTM Warsaw

I loved the Warsaw transit map, because it offered a lot of information in a simplistic format. The line colors represent type of service (regional train, subway, tram or bus) and the numbers represent the bus and tram routes. As there are multiple routes on one line, this part was very important and easily helped us understand what tram or bus to take. Additionally, each tram or bus stop is represented by a dot, showing a newcomer exactly where they needed to go to catch the transit service. As a first time user, I instantly became an expert of the Warsaw transit network, and that was a great feeling!

Cute tram in Warsaw